Mental Health

Pediatric & Adolescence

The pediatric mental health program is designed to assist children, adolescents and their families experiencing a variety of mental health issues.  A registered child psychologist provides services to the GFHT Pediatric Mental Health Program.  The program focuses on assessment and short term intervention for behavioral and emotional disorders.  It also connects patients with various community resources and specialists for further assessment or long term management.    Rostered patients at the clinic, who do not have access to private insurance for psychological services, can be referred by their primary care physician to the Pediatric Mental Health Program.

Team Member:  Dr.  Helen Pigeon


Adult Mental Health Program consists of a Clinical and Health Psychologist and a Registered Social Worker who are able to assist individuals with difficulties coping or suffering from a mental health disorder. Our program offers a variety of services, including assessment, diagnosis, education and evidence-based psychotherapy. Services also include helping individuals connect to key community agencies, organizations, or programs that may further assist them.

Team Members:  Dr. Tracy Dalgleish, C. Psych, Ms. Nicole Valiquette, MSW, RSW